Merry Christmas

Good morning, and merry Christmas. I trust you are enjoying a sweet and meaningful holiday today.

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My family has two Christmas traditions: The at-home-in-Canada and the away-in-Chattanooga traditions. This year we are in Chattanooga where my family lives. Some friends of friends were kind enough to allow us access to their home while they are away, so we have a beautiful place to stay. We have already opened gifts and a bit later on will get together with my family–parents, three sisters, one brother, and a whole pack of kids. There are 26 of us in total now, so it’s crazy times when we are all together. We have moved our family dinner to a church’s fellowship hall! It is rare that the entire family is in one place at one time, so we treasure these occasions.

No matter if or how you mark the day, thank you for reading, and from my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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