Merry Christmas

There’s something a little bit silly about Christmas, isn’t there? After all, we have no real evidence that Jesus was born on December 25. Sure there have been plenty of people who have attempted to prove some link, but in the end we just have to accept that there is really only a small chance that Jesus was born this day.

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Until recently I thought it was silly to remember Jesus in a special way on Christmas.

There’s something a little bit silly about Mother’s Day, too, isn’t there? My wife is no better or worse a wife and mother on Mother’s Day than she is any other day of the year. Yet I love to celebrate her for that day. It provides myself and the children an opportunity to set our thoughts on her and to focus our affections on her in a special way. While the holiday sometimes seems a little contrived, there is great benefit in remembering all she means to me and giving her at least one day of the year when we honor her just for being mom.

The fact is that I need very little incentive to set aside a special day for my wife. It is an honor and a joy for me to give honor to her.

And that is what I’ve come to realize about Christmas. It doesn’t matter if Jesus was born on December 25 or not. Even if Jesus was born in mid-July it benefits me and it benefits Him that I remember Him in a special way on this day. It is a joy and a privilege to bless Him in a special way and to pour out my thanksgiving to Him for assuming human flesh and beginning His life so that He might end His life for me.

And so today I pray that you and I will remember our Lord who, though He was God, became man that he could die for us. I hope and pray that God will extend His richest blessings to you and that you would know His presence this day. God bless you and Merry Christmas.