Friday Ramblings

My day began at 5 A.M. today. I have an early morning flight to Los Angeles that should get me to the smoggy city just in time for lunch at the In and Out burger closest to L.A.X.. I’m already looking forward to it. I’ll be in L.A. until Monday evening so I can bring blog coverage of the Resolved Conference. Some 3,000 college students (and one thirty year old guy) will be gathering to worship God, to ponder Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions (I assume), and to listen to teaching from the likes of Rick Holland, C.J. Mahaney, John MacArthur and John Piper. It promises to be a wonderful event and I am looking forward to it. A conference dealing primarily with that younger age group will be a new experience for me and I anticipate that I’ll enjoy it. I look forward to being encouraged by, and hopefully attempting to encourage, these young Christians.

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The conference wraps up just after lunch on the Monday and my flight doesn’t leave until near midnight (As with the Shepherd’s Conference last year, I’ve opted to catch the red-eye flight home.). I am hoping to find something more fun to do that last year when I spent 6 hours in the airport terminal reading. It was edifying but not awfully exciting. I’ll be traveling with someone this year and I’m sure we’ll find something fun to do.

Changing topics, I found this article interesting. I have often pondered the connection between global warming and evolution. This columnist has done the same, but has brought the ideas together enough to actually write about it. Of course I disagree with the kind of evolution he believes in, but it does seem that people who hold to the idea that we are facing an imminent global warming crisis are being somewhat inconsistent with their evolutionary beliefs. I am still searching for a firm position on global warming. So much of the information dealing with the issue is politically charged and politically motivated that I find it very difficult to believe it. So I continue to explore and to find measured, deliberate defenses of both sides. I don’t want hysteria and I don’t want politics. I just want the facts.

I have not had time to put together an A La Carte for today, but did want to add a link to and article written by a friend of mine who pastors a church in a state I’ve never been to. He discusses potential problems in regarding church buildings as casually as many people do today.

And that is it for me. I have a bus/taxi/airport transportation vehicle to catch and a plane to catch after that. Tune in late tonight for the first post from the far corner of the continent. As always, your prayers for traveling mercies and your prayers for the safety and well-being of my family are much appreciated.