An Upcoming Interview Series

You may recall that last year I did several interviews and posted them to this site. I interviewed, among others, Sam Waldron, Wayne Grudem and Derek Webb. I would like to put together another series of interviews to be posted sometime this fall and winter. I am thinking of turning them into podcasts, posting audio of the interviews this year rather than transcribing them as I have done in the past. I’ll decide that later. In the meantime, I am interested in gathering suggestions for people I may like to interview. I am not likely to have access to many of the top-tier Christian personalities (this blog may be reasonably popular but it is still, after all, only a blog) but am certainly not afraid to seek out interviews with anyone. The worst they can say, after all, is “No!” I suppose they could laugh at me too, and that would hurt my feelings. But either way, I’m not afraid to do the legwork and to request interviews.

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I do not think I’ll have a topical focus this year from interview to interview. Rather, I’ll approach each differently based on the person I am interviewing. I would prefer to interview people with interesting stories than people who are simply the most popular. So feel free to send along your suggestions, either in the comments or by email. They can be Calvinist or Arminian, Christian or non, male or female, theologians or musicians…