Your Invite to TMAI’S 2024 International Symposium

This week’s post is sponsored by The Master’s Academy International (TMAI), a global network of pastoral training centers that specialize in expository preaching. They invite you to sign up for their 2024 International Symposium on March 5th in Los Angeles, California. Our world today is obsessed with what is new, clever, and convenient. Headlines, podcasts, and books are full of new gadgets, “life hacks”, and promises of ease with unique methods. The passion for this has revealed our culture’s esteem for what is modern, what is convenient, and what is easy. Christians are not immune to this preoccupation with production. New methods and contrary advice—all touted as “more effective”—have crowded nearly every topic, particularly in the realm of global missions. In 2024—with more knowledge and resources available to us than any time in human history—many Christians find themselves at a loss when considering what is truly needed for missions work, which components are necessary, which programs most effective. Churches desiring to obey Christ’s call to missions work (Matthew 28:18-20) are confronted by different voices and methodologies, and many do not know who to listen to or where to start. Where do they begin? Where should Christians who desire for all the nations to hear and proclaim the name Jesus Christ go to find the most effective tool, program, or method for international missions? The answer to this question is clear: the Bible is effective in and of itself for all missions work. The Inextricable Link Between the Bible and Missions God has given the perfect, … Continue reading Your Invite to TMAI’S 2024 International Symposium