A La Carte (September 1)

The beginning of a new month is a great time to take a few moments to ponder this: Right now, at this very moment, God is reigning from his throne. There is a huge list of Kindle deals to work your way through today. ChurchSource is having its semi-annual sale which means books like Seasons of Sorrow are deeply discounted. It’s also a good time to place a bulk order for any of the books they offer. Richard Dawkins asks an important question and here is my answer Murray Campbell takes on an important question from Richard Dawkins. David Livingstone, Slavery Abolitionist Vance Christie, who has just written a fantastic biography of David Livingstone, tells how Livingstone made a substantial contribution to the abolition of slavery. Systematic Theology from Every Perspective Petrus Van Mastricht’s four-part theological method—exegetical, dogmatic, elenctic (apologetic), and practical—helps pastors and laymen alike understand the deep things of God. (Sponsored Link) Mercy on Maui: Hawaiian Churches Lament and Serve Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra asked pastors on Maui how they responded to the Lahaina fire, what they preached, and what spiritual response they have witnessed. Death of the Innocents “Three different women. Three very different public responses.” Matthew Hosier looks at three recent cases of infanticide and considers the different responses to them. We need encouragement in sermons, not only challenge This is a timely word about a “danger we [preachers] must avoid: always being negative and telling people how they are doing everything wrong. Some preachers fall into a pattern of constantly pointing … Continue reading A La Carte (September 1)