Books & E-Books

Visual Theology (book)
This heavily-illustrated books attempts to describe and display the truth about God.

Do More Better (book)
I wrote this short, fast-paced, practical guide to productivity to share what I have learned about getting things done in today’s digital world.

The Next Story (book)
The Next Story, published by Zondervan in April 2011, is a book about living virtuously in a digital world.

The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment (book)
This book, released by Crossway in 2008, teaches the importance of the discipline of spiritual discernment.

Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys Who Are Sick of Porn (book)
Sexual Detox is targeted at men and teaches them the importance of overcoming sexual sin. It was published by Cruciform Press in 2010.

False Messages: A Guide for the Godly Bride (free e-book)
This e-book is written by my wife and targeted at women, both married and soon-to-be-married.

A Reader’s Review of The Shack (free e-book)
This e-book, downloaded over 100,000 times, offers an extensive critical review of the bestselling book The Shack.

Snapshots & Screenshots (free e-book)
If you are new to, this free e-book will introduce you to some of the most enduring articles.