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Tim Challies

Tim Challies portrait

Proper introductions begin with names, so let me tell you how to pronounce mine. It’s pronounced CHALL-eez and rhymes with “valleys” and “rallies.” It’s quite simple, really, but is almost always the first question I’m asked.

I am a Christian, a husband to Aileen, and a father to two girls (one of whom is married) and one son who is waiting for me in heaven. I worship and serve as an elder at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario. I have written a number of books that I have listed below.

I began this web site in 2002 and have been writing here daily since 2003. It is my place to think out loud and in public while also sharing some of the interesting things I’ve discovered in my online and real-world travels.


August 17-18
Trinity Presbyterian Church (Montgomery, AL)

September 6-7
Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione (Padova, Italy)

September 14-15
Conference (Ramsau, Austria)

September 21-22
EMABISZ Conference (Romania)

October 12-13
Kindred Church (Anaheim, CA)

October 24-26
Reformed Theology Conference (Recife, Brazil)

November 8-9
Deeply Rooted Conference (Kingsport, TN)


April 9-17
Various events (Ireland)

August 14-17
Lynwood Baptist Church (Pretoria, South Africa)

September 7-10
Ocean City Bible Conference (Ocean City, NJ)

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