The internet is a strange and unique phenomenon. I can choose to write an article every day and you may choose to read it every day; and yet the two of us can remain almost entirely anonymous. Maybe by briefly introducing myself I can help dismantle just a small portion of that anonymity.

If you’ve gotten this far, you already know my last name—Challies. Tack on the name of Tim and already that anonymity is falling apart. I am the author of this site, the editor of Discerning Reader (discerningreader.com) and a co-founder of Cruciform Press. A pastor and writer, I live on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario (Canada) with my wife and three children and am a member of Grace Fellowship Church (gfcto.com). I have authored three books and a few free ebooks.

I am…

  • Christian – I affirm that Jesus is my Saviour.
  • Protestant – I affirm the five “solas” of the Reformation.
  • Reformed – I affirm the doctrines of grace, principles known to some as Calvinism.
  • Evangelical – I believe the gospel (which is the original and truest meaning of “evangelical”).
  • Unfinished – Though I find great beauty in traditional Protestantism, I realize that in some areas traditions may not be fully Scriptural. Where that is the case I am eager to change as the Spirit convicts me through the Word.


How Is “Challies” pronounced?

It’s quite simple, I assure you. CHALL-eez. Just like that. There is no trick to it. It’s not CHALL-is, it’s not Charles and it sure isn’t Chall-EES. Just pronounce it the way it looks like it should be pronounced and don’t overthink it. CHALL-eez. It’s that easy.

How Do I Get In Touch With You?

All that info is here. I like to get email though, because of the constraints on my time, I can’t always reply.

Why Challies.com?

This started as a site where I posted pictures of my children for the benefit of my family. Eventually I began to write articles and post them here, also for the benefit of my family. But then other people began showing up and reading them and before I knew it, I had a blog. The site has since evolved into what you see today. I have not gotten around to changing to a new domain name and at this point I suppose I never will.

Will You Review My Book?

Maybe. While I generally prefer to receive books from publishers, I do accept some books directly from authors. Feel free to send it along. Though I cannot guarantee a review, I can at least guarantee that I’ll give it a look and consider it.

What Do You Do?

I am a pastor at Grace Fellowship Church and a writer/author.