Two Gifts You Give To Others in Your Sanctification

It’s a drum I beat again and again: Your sanctification is a gift to others. Your continual growth in holiness is not something you emphasize merely for your own benefit or your own assurance, but something you pursue for the benefit of others. This message cuts hard against the individualism of western society, so is one we need to hear again and again. A wife’s sanctification is a gift she gives her husband. A pastor’s sanctification is a gift he …

EPIC: Germany (Days 5-6 + Coming Clean)

My journey through Germany continues as I go searching for church history. I realized, though, that in all I’ve said about this trip and the project behind it, I’ve failed to give key information. So on one of these pages I tell what this trip (and the book it will lead to) is really about.

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EPIC: Germany (Day 4)

I continue my journey through the Land of Luther, all as part of the project I’m calling EPIC. Today we visited Erfurt where Luther entered a monastery and began life as a monk. Here are a few notes and a couple of photos.

Today, More than Ever, Read Beyond the Headlines

I’m not sure the news will ever be the same after the presidency of Donald Trump. While the industry has already been in a long decline, it seems to have entered into an era of near-insanity as the networks and websites compete against one another to set new standards in thoughtless, bloviating reporting. Whether those networks love or hate the president, they seem to be tripping over themselves and one another to say the most the fastest, to constantly editorialize …

EPIC: Germany (Days 2-3)

The EPIC trip to Germany continues. Yesterday we toured Wittenberg (where Luther lived, taught, preached, and, of course, nailed those 95 Theses to the door) and today we spent time in Eisleben (where Luther was born and died). As before, click any image to see it larger.

EPIC: Germany (Day 1)

The EPIC journey continues. Most of today was spent in travel, though the official event did begin with a lecture this evening. Here’s my journal for the day… (Click any image to see it bigger)

Accept Your Leadership

Some facets of life in our modern world are made more difficult than they really need to be. They have been debated and written about to such a degree that they’ve become almost impossibly complicated. I’m convinced that one such area is leadership, and especially leadership in the home and family. What should be clear has become woefully muddied. Meanwhile, our world is crying out for leadership—good leadership, confident leadership, humble leadership, the kind of leadership that uses authority to …

EPIC: Germany (Day 0)

My EPIC journey has begun and the first trip is taking me to … Germany. My plan for this trip is not to blog about what I’m doing, but to journal about it the old-fashioned way. Like this: (click any of the images to see them bigger) I will provide another update on Monday.

It’s Going To Be EPIC!

This weekend I am setting out on the biggest project I’ve ever attempted, a project that will take me around the world and through the ages. In a series of journeys that will unfold over the next couple of years, I will travel to the four corners of the earth to complete research for a forthcoming book. I can’t say too much about the book at the moment except that I hope it will provide a unique and compelling take …

The New/Old Way Our Culture Pressures Us To Conform

Every culture has certain standards that distinguish good and respectable people from the bad and disreputable people. Every culture has ways of compelling people to adhere to its standards. Some force adherence through guilt, some through fear, and some through shame. In a guilt-innocence culture, your standing before others depends upon your level of guilt or innocence. Your reputation is measured by adherence to laws, so nations and cities and even organizations all have their laws carefully codified. If you …