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  • Conspiracy Theory

    What To Read about Conspiracy Theory

    I have been doing a lot of thinking and writing about conspiracy theory, and it’s all Carl Trueman’s fault. I got an advance copy of his forthcoming book The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self and enjoyed it so much that I decided to go back and read some of his other books. Next…

  • Why We Need A Better Definition of Conspiracy Theory

    Why We Need a Better Definition of “Conspiracy Theory”

    Irecently pointed out that new conspiracy theories tend to arise around shifts in power and that they often originate from those who have lost power or seen their power threatened. As you worked your way through that article, I wonder if you noticed that I didn’t define “conspiracy theory,” something that, in retrospect, may have…

  • Are You Prepared For a New Batch of Conspiracy Theories

    Are You Prepared For a New Batch of Conspiracy Theories?

    We are just weeks away from another contentious American election, which means we are just weeks away from roughly half of the American population savoring a great victory and the other half suffering a great loss. This being the case, we are, in all likelihood, just weeks away from the birth of new conspiracy theories.…