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    Light Fare: Which Pixar Film is Best?

    Here is some good, light fare for a Saturday afternoon. A few weeks ago we found, on sale, the complete Pixar collection (not including Wall-E). We have had fun going back in time and watching each of these movies. I still remember going to see Toy Story when it was in the theaters and marveling…

  • Things I Miss About Cable T.V.

    It must have been a couple of months ago now that Aileen and I got rid of cable TV. We didn’t get rid of the television altogether–we kept it so we could watch DVDs and enjoy the Wii. But we got rid of cable and now have access to precisely 0 channels. Today I paused…

  • The Cost of Entertainment

    Why we watch so much television today is a question that will have many and multi-faceted answers. But in his book Media Unlimited, Todd Giltin offers solid statistical evidence for at least one of the answers. Here is a small table outlining the cost for a general laborer to enjoy the entertainment of that day,…