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    My Halloween Theory

    It has been fascinating to witness the rise of Halloween in recent years. What was at one time a day for kids to spend a couple of hours going door-to-door to collect candy and coins has morphed into a true holiday where kids and adults alike celebrate. Recent trips to costume stores show that the…

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    Halloween Fast Approaches

    Halloween is fast approaching, and I am beginning to see articles on this always-popular topic in the blogosphere. I wrote about this for the first time last year and thought I would follow that article with a similar one, but one that is hopefully a little more developed as I’ve had another year to think…

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    A La Carte (09/18)

    Monday September 18, 2006 Books: Derek Thomas has an glowing review of J.I. Packer’s latest book “Praying.” Somehow this one escaped my attention but it looks like one I may need to add to my reading list. Abortion: FoxNews has an article about a new strategy used by pro-life organizations: buy the properties being used…

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    The Inevitable Halloween Discussion

    When Doug McHone and I were chatting (something we did an awful lot of) at the Desiring God Conference, he swore that he would not discuss Halloween this year. I made no such promise to him, and today would like to discuss it, even if only briefly. In my further defense, I believe this is…