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    Offsets and Indulgences

    As I drove the 16(ish) hours from Toronto to Atlanta, I had a lot of time to think. Not only did I plan out what may just be my next book, but I also thought a lot about this whole global warming controversy. The day before I had read a book about the Reformation and…

  • Identifying Bias

    I spent three years of my life at McMaster University studying history (I did a bachelor’s program in 3 years). So with a past as an amateur historian, I know the importance of identifying the bias of an author when reading a historical work. Not too long ago I purchased J.A. Wylie’s book “The Papacy:…

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    The Devil’s Child (A Passion Topic)

    Many people have emailed me or posted comments on this site wondering about the significance of the disfigured baby Satan is holding during the scourging of Jesus. Christianity Today puts the controversy to rest in this article. “Please explain the symbolism in the scene showing Satan holding a bald baby. Thank you.” That’s just one…