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    Free Stuff Fridays

    It is a Jonathan Edwards kind of a Friday today and Moody publishers would like to give to you a set of five new books about Edwards. They are offering five sets of these books with each set being a $30 value. Not half bad, is it? The Essential Edwards Collection is edited by Douglas…

  • The First and Primary Object

    It was a couple of years ago now that I read George Marsden’s great biography of Jonathan Edwards. As I read it I was often stopped short by Edwards’ wisdom. Constantly surrounded by conflict, and often facing people who sought to undermine his ministry, Edwards had every opportunity to reflect on the task of a…

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    Reading Classics – The Religious Affections (V)

    This morning brings us to our sixth reading in Jonathan Edwards’ The Religious Affections. This week we had a rather long reading of the first sign of authentic affections—the first chapter where we really get to the heart of the book. Summary This week’s reading dealt with the first authentic affection. Here is what Edwards…

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    Sin: What We Do or What We Are?

    As anyone knows who has studied the life of Jonathan Edwards, he dedicated a large portion of his ministry to thinking, writing and teaching about the freedom of the will. And, of course, he eventually published a classic work dealing with the subject. In writing the book he thought back to the days when revival…