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    Seeds of Character

    Seeds Family Worship is a family favorite–a band that simply sets Scripture to music and does so with fun and with skill. The kids love it. They have just released their most recent album–Seeds of Character. And this post is one stop in an ongoing blog tour. One thing I love about Seeds Family Worship…

  • John 3:16 Conference: Message on Limited Atonement by Dr. David Allen

    Guest blog by Andrew Lindsey Congregational singing: “Redeemed, Redeemed.” Introduction of Dr. Allen by Dr. Jerry Vines. Dr. David Allen: Quote of John 3:16. Argument against Limited atonement quoting only Calvinists. What two things do these men have in common?(Long list of theologians including Calvin, Bullinger, Ursinus, Bunyan, Edwards, Hodge, Strong.)A: They are all Calvinists,…