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  • The Passion of The Christ – Results?

    In the days leading up to the release of The Passion of the Christ we heard time and again how this movie was going to provide the best outreach opportunity in the past 2000 years. We heard church leaders telling Christians to support this movie to ensure that Gibson did not lose his $30 million…

  • The Passion Pays Off

    The Passion of the Christ took in over $50 million this weekend to move past the $200 million mark in just 12 days. What was once thought to be a $30 million risk has turned into a bona fide blockbuster. But the box office is not the only place where money is rolling in. The…

  • Articles Collection cover image

    Newsweek on The Passion of the Christ

    Newsweek is featuring a cover article on The Passion of the Christ in their current issue. You can read the full text of the article here. From a Christian perspective the article shows terrible theology and a view of the Bible that strips it of its inspired origin. Though deeply flawed, the article makes for…