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    Where and Why We Buy Our Books

    Last week I found myself thinking about how and why and where we all buy our Christian books. I started with the question, “Why do people shop at one e-commerce store and not another.” And from there I just found more and more questions that were begging for answers. Before I long I had put…

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    A La Carte (8/31)

    Too Great a Good for CaesarJohn Mark Reynolds offers a good perspective on health care. “Even fans of the President should be hesitant to give the government such powers. The Obama plan may be passed with great intentions, but Obama will not be President forever. Worse men may come to power and use increased government…

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    A La Carte (7/3)

    Thursday July 3, 2008 Interview with ObamaRelevant has an interesting interview with Barak Obama that focuses on issues of particular importance to Christians. Obama the Christian?And speaking of Obama, this article from BP News collects some of the ways Obama has described the Christian faith. Things like “I believe there are many paths to the…