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  • There Is Only Ever Today

    There Is Only Ever Today

    My family moved a number of times when I was a child. The first home I remember was near the center of Toronto, a little house that has long since been torn down and replaced by a modern monster. From there we moved to one of the city’s up-and-coming eastern suburbs where we had an…

  • Netflixs Biggest Competitor

    Netflix’s Biggest Competition

    Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, is like any other business leader in that he is constantly challenged with the question of competition: Who is the competition, and what do you plan to do about them? He was asked this question a week ago during the regularly-scheduled Q1 earnings call, and his answer is both fascinating…

  • On the Go

    Yesterday I read Maggie Jackson’s book Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age. In the book she shows how life today offers many more distractions than at any other time in history and how this may lead us into a new dark age. While I’m not quite sure I agree with all…

  • Articles Collection cover image

    The Tyranny of Quiet Time

    Like all Christians, I love my quiet time. I am always thrilled at the prospect of sitting down during the few quiet moments before a busy day to spend some time alone with God–a few moments one-on-one with my Creator. I love to open the Bible and to carefully and systematically read the Word of…