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  • A Prayer Following Prayer

    This is one of my favorites from The Valley of Vision as much for the concept of the prayer as its actual words. This is a prayer meant to follow prayer. Read it and I’m sure you’ll see, as I do, just how weak and listless my prayers actually are and how much even my…

  • T4G – The Importance of Books

    Here is a quick introduction to the importance of books at Together for the Gospel—and the amusing effects of free books on the pastors assembled.

  • T4G – Discouragement in Ministry

    Here is an excerpt from a Together for the Gospel panel discussion with R.C. Sproul. He and the other men discuss the reality that preachers are often dissatisfied with their sermons. It is an illuminating discussion mixed with hilarious quips.

  • Articles Collection cover image

    A Perfect Love

    How many times have you heard a person claim that he has “accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior?” Have you ever asked him what it means that Jesus is his Lord? Have you ever asked him how Jesus is his Savior? What makes Him his Savior? And what does it mean that He…