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A La Carte (10/17)

The New NIV - Mary Kassian offers ten reasons that the new NIV is bad for women. “Don’t get me wrong. I like to be hip. And I enjoy cappuccino as much as the next person. But my biggest beef with gender-inclusive Bibles is that they lack doctrinal precision. If you mess with the words, you mess with the meaning.”

Pray for James - I always enjoy reading Ali’s reflections on life on a hospital ship off the coast of Africa. “It’s strange, this life. There’s a critically ill man just below where I’m sitting, and I’m finding it hard to really care. I know that sounds awful, so please let me explain…”

No Compromise - Mike Abendroth interviews Carl Trueman.

Loving Your Wife - The demands on a pastor’s time are great.  So, naturally the challenges on the pastor’s marriage are equally great.  Sometimes we plan poorly and over commit ourselves.  Then, there are other times where seasonal church activities kick in and it is just a busy time.  How can we care for our wives as pastors when our schedules demand we are gone from home more than normal?  Maybe a better way to ask that question is, “How do I communicate a love for my wife when I am unable to be with her?” 

The War of 1812 - Gene Veith points to an interesting article about an interesting and largely forgotten war—the War of 1812. “The war ended in a draw, but the contest to conduct the most comprehensive commemoration isn’t even close. The Canadians have appropriated millions, the Americans hardly anything. At this rate, the Canadians will appropriate the war entirely, at least for the next several years. Which brings us to a lesson for our time: Even forgotten wars can be lost 200 years later.”

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