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A La Carte (10/24)

He Who Sits in the Heavens - This article has a couple of very insightful points about worry. “I begin to worry because I don’t like unknowns, and I don’t like feeling out of control. To compensate, I often try to keep tabs on all the possible variables that could affect the outcome, flattering myself into thinking that I can at least be mentally prepared for what could occur.”

The Significance of Words - Barnabas Piper finds inspiration from Winston Churchill when considering the power, the significance and the eternality of our words.

Scenes from WW2 - This is a fascinating collection of photos. This artist takes photos of modern-day Europe and juxtaposes images from the Second World War. The photos show both continuity and a kind of radical discontinuity.

The King’s Promise - Michael Horton: “If our hopes indicate what we value most—what keeps us going, then our fears reveal the same in reverse. What do we need (or think we need) so much that we would be unable to go without it? And what do we believe in so much that if it doesn’t come through for us we’re totally disillusioned?”

The Silent Killers - This is a long but interesting article (book excerpt, actually) about the use of drones in modern warfare.

Knowledge, not improved and well employed, will only increase our condemnation at the last day. —Matthew Henry

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