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A La Carte (12/20)

The Media and the Massacre - Andy Crouch: “All that any of us who do not live in Newtown, Connecticut, truly needed to know—possibly more than we needed to know—appeared in a 12-word news alert on my phone Friday afternoon. Almost everything else, I believe, was a distraction from the only thing that we who are not first responders, pastors, or parents in that community needed to do at that moment: to pray, which is to say, to put ourselves at the mercy of God and hold those who harmed and those who were harmed before the mercy of God.”

Wheaton’s Victory - “A federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. issued a partial but significant victory to Wheaton College and Belmont Abbey College in their lawsuit against the Obama administration’s contraception and abortion pill mandate.”

Mount Everest - You must have seen thousands of photographs of Everest. But there have been none like this one.

Clarifying Words on Wife Abuse - Several years ago, in an online Q&A, John Piper was asked about a wife’s submission in the face of a husband’s abuse. He revisited that question yesterday and offered some clarifications.

Books on the Most Best-Of Lists - This site went through a whole lot of “best books of 2012” lists and found the ones that appeared on the greatest number of those lists.

I Like Adoption - Be sure to watch this amazing little film.

Suffering is God’s surgery that leads to health when we respond by faith. —Ed Welch

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