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A La Carte (2/14)

Sweet Sadness and St. Valentine - This is a sweet reflection on being single on Valentine’s Day. “I am lonely, sometimes, which seems ridiculous because my world is full of people. But in a society of couples, there is not much room for the party of one. And friends are all very well – mine are the best, in fact – but I crave companionship. I’d like to do life with someone who doesn’t have to go home at the end of the day.”

How Could God Command Genocide? - How could God command genocide in the Old Testament? Justin Taylor takes on the question. “This is a good, hard question. The way we answer it will both reflect and inform our understanding of justice and mercy.”

D.A. Carson’s Most Painful Things - I think most Christians can identify with what D.A. Carson says in this Q&A: “The most painful things I’ve ever borne are betrayals by Christian friends.”

The Big Storm - You knew The Big Picture would put together a photo gallery of the big snowstorm. Here it is.

TMS Theological Resource Center - Nathan Busenitz introduces The Master’s Seminary’s new Theological Resource Center. “The featured resource on the site is a growing library of video lectures taught by the TMS faculty. … The site currently contains seven full courses, consisting of 162 individual lectures. Over the next few months, the library will grow to include over 20 courses, offering hundreds of hours of seminary-level lecture content.”

You can always give without loving, but you can never love without giving. —Amy Carmichael

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