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A La Carte (2/6)

Watch Out or the Devil’s Gonna Get You - “In rural America, off a country road, on the soft soil of a weathered field, stands a sobering message for every passer-by: Go to church or the devil will get you!”

What Happens at an Atheist Church? - “An “atheist church” in North London is proving a big hit with non-believers. Does it feel a bit like a new religion?” Whatever it is, you can be confident that it won’t last for long.

Seven Deadly Thoughts of Leaders - I don’t usually go for this kind of article, but this one stood out to me, probably because I know just how prone leaders are to exactly these kinds of thoughts.

This Digital Life - I think it is worth just looking at these images and pondering them for a couple of minutes!

A good teacher like John the Baptist, clears the way, declares the way, and then gets out of the way. —Derek Prime & Alistair Begg

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