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A La Carte (3/12)

When Evangelicals Awoke - The title of this article is a little bit dense, but don’t let that intimidate you. “How the Evangelical Church Awoke to the Abortion Issue: The Convergent Labors of Harold O. J. Brown, Francis Schaeffer, and C. Everett Koop.”

A Great Place to Begin - David Powlison on prayer: “For example, the Bible’s prayers are rarely about health, travel mercies, finances, doing well on a test, finding a job, or the salvation of unsaved relatives. Of course, these are legitimate things to pray for, but they are a minor emphasis in Scripture. Even so, these topics typically dominate most church and small group prayer requests. They easily miss the real action of God’s dealings with his beloved people.”

It Could Happen To You - Mez McConnell was rocked when a close friend who was also a pastor admitted that he was having an affair. Mez looks for lessons and warnings.

How Reliable Is Your Memory? - Andy Naselli offers three interesting facts about your memory: it might not be as accurate as you think, it tends to privilege you, and it may result in a relational impasse.

Life Is Too Short - Timmy Brister says that life is too short to be in a hurry. I think we could all benefit from considering the spiritual implications of being in a hurry, and Brister at least gets us started in doing that.

Jesus gave his life for me, to take my life from me, to live his life through me. —Alistair Begg

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