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A La Carte (5/1)

Before I get to today’s links, I’d like to take a moment to thank you. There were more visitors to this site in April than in any other month in its history, so thank you for visiting and for making it a part of your online travels. I count it both a joy and a privilege to be able to do this day after day.


Let the Word Dwell In You - It’s Wednesday, and Sunday is coming. This excellent article asks how you are preparing yourself.

Eight Symptoms of False Teaching - Here, from the pen of J.C. Ryle, are eight symptoms of false teaching.

Orthodoxy Is Winning - From TIME: “The sexual revolution has accomplished what even the fractious Reformation could not. It has divided Protestantism so deeply that traditionalist Anglicans now have more in common with traditionalist Lutherans or even Roman Catholics, say, than with the reformers in their own denominations. And as the proliferation of stricter Anglican churches of Africa go to show, this traditionalism has gone global.”

Free Speech - I really enjoyed this really long article about the future of free speech and how in many ways it is in the hands of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. That is worth thinking about.

Christ has taken our nature into heaven to represent us, and has left us on earth with his nature to represent him. —John Newton

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