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A La Carte (5/27)


Last Inspection - “The soldier bent to his work, careful as a diamond cutter. He carried no weapon or rucksack, just a small plastic ruler, which he used to align a name plate, just so, atop the breast pocket of an Army dress blue jacket, size 39R.” Here is the precise ritual of dressing America’s war dead.

Apple Worship - David Murray: “Who can look at an apple and not worship God? Who can look at an Apple and not worship God?”

Like a Black Hole - “People are wired to compulsively seek unpredictable payoffs like those doled out on the Web. And the Internet’s omnipresence and lack of boundaries encourage people to lose track of time, making it hard to exercise the willpower to turn it off.”

The Unmarked Tomb of a Well-Known Soldier - “Not to be confused with Veterans Day (November 11), which honors all military veterans (both those who died in service and those who did not), Memorial Day has become an occasion, over time, for broader expressions of memory, including deceased relatives, not only those who died in service.” David Mathis goes to the unmarked tomb of a well-known soldier.

Sin Is Why - Last week I wrote about the murder of Tim Bomsa. Here’s another reflection on Bosma that I found helpful. The author reflects on the nature of sin and says that we shouldn’t expect sin to make any sense.

There are no disappointments to those whose wills are buried in the will of God. —Frederick Faber

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