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A La Carte (6/3)

Earlier this week you voted for the product you wanted to have on sale for $5. You chose R.C. Sproul’s DVD series What Is Reformed Theology? And now, for only 24 hours, it’s at Ligonier for $5 (down from the usual price of $48). There are some other great books and DVDs there for the same price, so you may want to stock up. Go to $5 Fridays. There’s more. If you click that link you should also receive 10% off on your purchase. If you don’t see that reflected, use the coupon code “CHALLIES10” and you should get 10% off.

And here are some other good links for today:

Writing on Athanasius - Carl Trueman has a good article on Christian biography. “Hagiography - the uncritical and adulatory description of the life of a hero of the faith - is probably the most common form of popular Christian biographical writing and probably the most useful in a strictly pragmatic, results-oriented way.”

Women Ministering to Women - Thabiti has written about an upcoming conference targetted to women who are involved in ministry or who are wives of pastors. It looks like it will be a good one (and it’s by an organization I love).

100 Web Apps - This is a roundup of some amazing web apps that can do, well, pretty much everything.

4 Ways to Neutralize Your Weaknesses - This article offers some good things to think about as you consider your personal weaknesses.

Together for Adoption - The upcoming Together for Adoption National Conference has put together a really strong lineup of speakers. Registration has just opened…

10 Pieces of Seminary Advice - Patrick Schreiner has put together 10 pieces of useful advice for seminarians.

God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supplies. —Hudson Taylor

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