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A La Carte (8/3)

What Happened to My CCM? - “The 1990s saw an unprecedented explosion of Christian rock. Jars of Clay, Sixpence None the Richer, P.O.D., and Switchfoot were hot on Christian radio and on MTV. Christian rock festivals multiplied and expanded. CCM labels sold millions of records. It was a pretty great time to be a Christian rock fan.” But what has happened since then?

If Prayer Is a Good Thing… - Tim Kerr provides an unexpected but helpful answer to this question: If prayer is such a good thing, why is it so difficult?

William Tell and Chick-Fil-A - “An overwhelming number of chicken sandwiches were served on Wednesday as vast numbers of Americans from all over the country turned out to support Chick-fil-A, under fire for its CEO taking the highly controversial and shocking position that people of the same sex can’t marry each other.  Could that be a catalyst for a popular revolt against gay marriage?”

Image Is Everything - Here is a lesson learned from Andre Agassi’s hair (or lack thereof).

The Story of Mormonism - Here’s a brief video overview of the life of Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism. It is obviously a bit slanted (it is meant to expose him as a fraud) but the facts are true.

There Is a City - “Once a year on august 1st, the people of Warsaw pay hommage to the fallen heroes that fought for freedom in 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising. The biggest rebellion against German Nazi occupation during WWII cost over 200 000 lives and destruction of the capital.”

God is never pleased with ignorant worship, with worship that is not grounded in the knowledge of God. —R.C. Sproul

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