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A La Carte (9/14)

The Happiest Jobs - “In my article on the Ten Most Hated Jobs, there were some surprises. There are also some surprises in the 10 happiest jobs, as reported a General Social Survey by the National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago.” Isn’t it interesting what tops the list…

U.S. Financial Position - This makes it all a little easier to understand, just by removing a few 0’s.

Keller’s Answer - Tim Keller answers the concerns raised by a video he was in. “This interview from three and a half years ago was the first public event like this I had ever done, and a number of my responses were less than skillful. One in particular—the one about whether there is any way of salvation outside of faith in Christ—was misleading and unhelpful.”

The Spirit and the OT - David Murray is beginning a series of blog posts that will discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in Old Testament believers.

How Many Pages on the Internet? -  A lot, apparently. “A group called the World Wide Web Foundation — appropriately founded by Tim Berners-Lee, who pretty much created the internet — is on a quest to figure out, with some degree of certainty, how big the internet really is.”

Love Tap - You’ll enjoy this video.

I have never heard of a sin being committed without knowing full well that I had the seed of it within myself. —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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