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A La Carte (9/15)

The Daily Exhort - This is something I’ve thought about quite a bit. “I got thinking the other day—can we imagine a time before Bibles? That is, a time before the widespread availability of cheap, accessible Bible translations in the common language of our culture? A time when literacy was not as universal as it is in most modern Western societies?”

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters - Here is lots of great advice for fathers of daughters.

A Short Theology of Listening - Douglas Groothuis does a good job of putting together a theology of listening. It’s definitely worth a read.

You Can’t Tax the Rich - Thomas Sowell explains why raising taxes on the richest Americans isn’t a solution for increasing overall revenues.

I Blurb, Therefore I Am - I enjoyed these thoughts on the writing of blurbs or endorsements.

The Solid Rock - Redemption Hill Music has released another free MP3. This one is a recording of the hymn “The Solid Rock.”

NFL 2011 - A photo gallery to kick off another season of football.

Christian Hipster - An instructional video.

The Lord has given me both vinegar and honey, but he has given me the vinegar with a teaspoon and the honey with a ladle. —Billy Bray

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