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The Long Goodnight

Earlier this week I was chatting with Matthew Smith, he of Indelible Grace fame. Matthew has just finished recording a new record (a personal album, not an Indelible Grace album) and he allowed me to listen to it. There was one song in particular that gripped me. The words come from an old German hymn of unknown authorship which was later translated by Jane Borthwick. It was printed in Hymns from the Land of Luther under the title “The Long Good-night” (originally “Ich fahr dahin mit Freuden”).

Matthew has adapted this into a beautiful song titled “Goodnight.” It is a song about the sadness of death but also the hope of resurrection and reunion. Here are the words and the embedded audio so you can listen in and read along. If you really like it, you can go here to buy it for just $0.99.

<a href="http://matthewsmith.bandcamp.com/album/goodnight" _cke_saved_href="http://matthewsmith.bandcamp.com/album/goodnight">Goodnight by Matthew Smith</a>

I journey forth rejoicing
From this dark vale of tears,
To heavenly joy and freedom,
From earthly bonds and fears;
Where Christ our Lord shall gather
All His redeemed again,
His kingdom to inherit.
Goodnight, goodnight till then!

Why thus so sadly weeping,
Beloved ones of my heart?
The Lord is good and gracious,
Though now He bids us part.
Oft have we met in gladness.
And we shall meet again,
All sorrow left behind us.
Goodnight, goodnight till then!

I go to see His glory,
Whom we have loved below:
I go, the blessed angels,
The holy saints to know.
Our lovely ones departed,
I go to find again,
And wait for you to join us.
Goodnight, goodnight till then!

I hear the Saviour calling,
The joyful hour has come:
The angel guards are ready
To guide me to our home,
Where Christ our Lord shall gather
All His redeemed again,
His kingdom to inherit.
Goodnight, goodnight till then!

Here also is a brief video of Matthew talking about the song:

Matthew Smith talks about the song “Goodnight” from Matthew Smith on Vimeo.

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