A La Carte (01/06)

Friday January 6, 2006

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Blogging: Calvinist Gadfly gracefully bows out of the blogosphere. “My passion for the Biblical languages is calling me to give myself over to them in a more dedicated and intense manner.”

Animals: Tim Irvin has bought himself some chickens. He says that “you can buy a pair for less than the cost of a dog collar.” I’d gladly trade in my dog’s collar for a couple of those chickens (I’ll even toss in the dog as well). How’s about it?

Politics: Pat Robertson has done it again. This time he has suggested that Ariel Sharon’s stroke was divine punishment for dividing God’s land. Can’t anyone get this guy to stop talking?

Weather: I heard yesterday that the Toronto area has not seen the sun since December 12. I do not find that hard to believe. It has been cloudy with cloudy periods followed by brief glimpses of cloud. It’s starting to get old!