A La Carte (01/24)

Tuesday January 24, 2005

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Culture: My friend Rick Pearcey published a good article last week entitled O’Reilly, Letterman, and the Culture War.

Canadiana: After 13 years Canadians finally dethroned the Liberal Party. The Conservative Party, led by Stephen Harper, has been elected to a minority government. Many Canadians, especially Christians, have high hopes for this government.

Review: Shane Walker of 9Marks Ministries has an excellent review of Donald Miller’s mega-seller Blue Like Jazz. “Likely, right now someone in your church is reading Blue Like Jazz or some similar book. It will resonate with them in style and content – it is cool and Christian. And it is extremely unhelpful.”

Du Jour: I admire David Wayne (ie JollyBlogger) for, unlike myself, often biding his time before commenting on issues. Yesterday he provided some measured commentary on an article dealing with Rick Warren that was published in a couple of popular newspapers. It is well worth reading.