A La Carte (02/02)

Thursday February 2, 2006

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Giveaway: Monergismbooks is giving away a Premium ESV Calfskin Bible. That’s calfskin – they killed baby cows to make this Bible, and it can be yours!

Du Jour: Ron Gleason posted a great little article to his blog a couple of days ago stressing the importance of letting boys be boys. I couldn’t agree more!

Theology: Gary Gilley has posted the fourth installment in his series “God’s Will, Lost or Found.”

Technology: ESV Blog offers an interesting new tool as part of the Internet Explorer search bar. No word on when it will be available for real browsers like Firefox.

Nature: This is disgustingly amusing. Two of natures most reviled creatures go at it and the snake loses to the spider.

Emergent: Carla at EmergentNo has written an article examining the speakers who will be at this year’s Desiring God National Conference. In particular she raises some concerns with Mark Driscoll and Tim Keller.