A La Carte (02/14)

Tuesday February 14, 2006

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Theology: John Divito has finished a series on “Free Grace or Lordship Salvation?” You can find the series index here.

Politics: Dennis Swanson (who is in the enviable position of being Librarian at The Master’s Seminary), is writing a series on the Evangelical Climate Initiative. You can read it here.

Celebrities: Fox has an interesting article detailing the private chapel Mel Gibson build with the proceeds from The Passion of the Christ. “Mel Gibson made so much money from “The Passion of the Christ” that he’s now putting it where his mouth is, so to speak. He’s continuing to build a religious compound in Malibu for Catholics who reject Vatican II, and is implicitly endorsing his controversial father’s beliefs by helping him launch a similar church in Pennsylvania.”

Islam: Rick Pearcey posts an article by Prabhu Guptara in which the author writes that the Koran does not forbid images of the Muhammad.” He then asks, “What’s really going on?” “The matter has to do primarily with the need for Muslim fundamentalists to mobilize and motivate the Muslim masses in relation to their cause. And if they don’t find Danish cartoonists and newspapermen to use for this purpose, it is clear that they will find something else to do so.”