A La Carte (03/16)

Thursday March 16, 2006

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Entertainment: Al Mohler discusses his newfound love for the game Sudoku. “Oh yes! Just one more and I can stop. No, one more after that. And another. Oh, who can break this habit?” I’ve tried the game and, while I appreciated the amazing difficulty inherent in such a simple game, it didn’t do much for me.

Hymn: Paul shares an old hymn that I’ll wager you’ve never sung in church. Written by Joseph Hart, it is called “Why Men Don’t Preach Sovereign Grace.”

Prayer: David Powlison, editor of The Journal of Biblical Counseling and author of an incredible chapter in Sex and the Supremacy of Christ has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. GirlTalk blog has an email from him along with an expanded version of John Piper’s “Don’t Waste Your Cancer” in which Powlison appended comments to Piper’s article.

Quote: “The best committee is a committee of three, of whom one is away and another is home sick.” – Charles Spurgeon (HT: Justin Taylor)