A La Carte (05/01)

Monday May 1, 2006

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Conference: Ligon Duncan (who was there) and Adrian Warnock (who wishes he was there!) have helpful roundups of many of the posts coming out of the Together for the Gospel Conference.

Bible: The ESV Blog announces that Crossway will soon have a “Journaling Bible” available. “The Journaling Bible is a unique format with wide margins and ruled lines designed for writing prayers, observations, sermon notes, and personal reflections.”

Humor: Marc Heinrich of Purgatorio fame is having some fun at my expense. He promises that there is more to come…

Music: For those interested in the music we sang during the Together for the Gospel Conference, Bob Kauflin, who led worship, has posted a link to all of the songs and their lyrics. Bob did a remarkable job in selecting biblical songs and leading us in singing them.