A La Carte (05/15)

Monday May 15, 2006

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Web: “Washington Post” has a list of the most-visited domains in February 2005 and 2006. Unfortunately they only list the first fifty as I’m pretty sure Challies Dot Com would be ranked 51st.

Web Bonus: “The Inquirer” has a list of the most dangerous search phrases. Typing any of these into a search engine, they say, is “the equivalent of lighting a blue touch paper and standing well back.”

Family: There is an interesting story in FoxNews about a girl who was kidnapped on Mother’s Day 30 years ago and was just discovered alive and well by police.

Da Vinci: You’re probably as sick of hearing about “Da Vinci” as I am. Still, the “Boston Globe” has an interesting article suggesting that the film will prove a win-win for the filmmakers and for Christians,. “In fact, debunking the book, especially in anticipation of the film, has become a sort of mini-industry in itself.”

Email: I thought I’d share an email that came in to my account through Discerning Reader. This had the subject “D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones.” “You and your new web page suck. I type in Studies in the Sermon on the Mount by D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones and get nothing even related. The old site was user friendly yours is not.” I was grateful for the encouragement. I hope the good doctor can teach this gentleman some grace.