A La Carte (05/18)

Thursday May 18, 2006

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Technology: ESV Blog brings news of an ESV plugin for Microsoft Word. It uses “the ESV Web Service to insert a passage into a Word document.” Sounds useful enough…

A La Carte: This is the 200th edition of A La Carte (according to the statistics in Movabletype). That’s not half bad! This feature arose as an attempt to “give away” traffic to deserving (and sometimes just plain fun or just plain stupid) blogs and web sites. On the whole I think it has done well at just that.

Language: Now here is a link that will surely bore everyone who clicks on it. But my interest in linguistics makes it a little bit interesting to me. Some enterprising soul has collected a list of animal noises in a bunch of different languages.

In Memoriam: Al Mohler is one of several bloggers to remember Jaroslav Pelikan, the church historian who went to be with the Lord last weekend.