A La Carte (05/23)

Tuesday May 23, 2006

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Blogspotting: Following our recent conversation here, Dr Mike, Carla Rolfe, and Phil Johnson have a few choice words for those who like to use a few choice words. Commenter joythruchrist points out why it’s not Pharisaic to say so. Her cat agrees.

News: Boy, 7, completes swim from Alcatraz. Asked what the hardest part was, he replied: “The swimming.”

Blogspotting Bonus: Jollyblogger also decided to chime in with a pretty good (and slightly angry) post. Something about throwing Mark Driscoll under a bus.

Science: BusinessWeek has an article discussing the myths and realities of Ethanol, which is touted as being the fuel of the future. The article does a good job of answering the basic questions.