A La Carte (06/01)

Thursday June 1, 2006

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Theology: Mark Dever writes about “undermining the tolerance of egalitarianism. “The core of this blog entry is simply this–>it is my observation that those older than me who are complementarian generally want to downplay this issue, and those younger than me want to lead with it, or at least be very up front about it.”

Emergent: Brent Thomas has a helpful summary of Justin Taylor’s speech on the Emerging Church which he delivered at a breakout session of the New Attitude Conference.

Politics: I learned yesterday, as did many Canadians, that to some degree polygamy has been legalized here in Canada. CNews reports. “Religious organizations say same-sex marriage opened the door to decriminalizing polygamy, and worry that formal recognitions of plural marriages will weaken the government’s ability to defend the anti-polygamy law if it faces a constitutional challenge on religious grounds.”