A La Carte (07/27)

Thursday July 27, 2006

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Humor: A prison inmate in New York is being charged after making bomb and anthrax threats. Sadly, he did so in his own name and with his own prisoner number. CNN reports on a not-so-great criminal mind.

Family: Crystal at Biblical Womanhood has some good thoughts on recapturing the nobility of the home. “Home has lost its noble place in society so much so that people can’t imagine what there is to do there all day long. Any woman who dares consider staying home fulltime is made out to be a unintelligent woman living with half her brain tied behind her back.”

Music: Scott Aniol writes about the future of fundamentalist music in an article guaranteed to be controversial. “The answer is not to replace old pop music with new pop music. The answer is to reclaim the music styles that churches used and loved before they began to replace that music with pop styles.”

Archaeology: Fox has an interesting article about a medieval Psalm book that was dug out of a bog in Ireland.