A La Carte (08/24)

Thursday August 24, 2006

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Theology: Nathan Busenitz quotes John MacArthur who says that everyone is a dispensationalist. “Everybody is a dispensationalist, everybody. I don’t care who they are in theology, they’re dispensational. It’s only a question of how many you have. Let me show you why.”

Feminism: I remember wannabe feminists in my high school trumpeting the annual “Take Back The Night” marches. Well, now apparently these marches are being geared for men as well since men are even more likely to be victimes of nighttime violence. Fox reports.

Children: “Christianity Today” has a list of suggestions for helping children sit through a church service. Some of them are quite good and are surely better than the oft-used tactic of brute force.

Church: And speaking of CT, it has an article about America’s youngest megachurch pastor. “With a Matt Damon smile, short-sleeve button-up shirts — no tie — and an aw-shucks demeanor, Platt seems to put an audience at ease, then stuns them with his apparent near-memorization of the New Testament.”