A La Carte (10/13)

How To Set Up Your Desk
Matt Perman kicks off another series dealing with things that most of us don’t think enough about. This time he begins by looking at how you should set up your desk to maximize productivity.

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Literate Parents
Here’s a web site I’m looking forward to tracking. Sara is providing short reviews of books for children and offering some talking points and potential objections for each. This will undoubtedly be very helpful for parents!

Dying Well – Lessons from a Baseball Legend
Jeff Robinson writes about Ernie Harwell, the legendary announcer of Major League Baseball games, and his deep commitment to God. “I’ll never forget where I first heard a Christian speak cogently about the sovereignty of God. It wasn’t any of my theological heroes. It wasn’t J.I. Packer or John Piper or R.C. Sproul or John MacArthur or John Calvin or Jonathan Edwards. It wasn’t my seminary professors. No, I first heard about God’s ‘absolute control of all events and all people’ as the children’s catechism puts it, from Ernie Harwell…”

Professor Claims God Is not Creator
Darrell Bock answers a recent article that claimed “Genesis 1:1 is not about creation of the material world but separation within it, removing God from being the Creator in line with the rest of the Bible and the literature of Mesopotamia.”