A La Carte (10/24)

Wednesday October 24, 2007

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Do You Heart Huckabee?
My friend Jesse does, and he’s started a site to keep up with everything Huckabee.

California Fire Prayer
Lydia shares an urgent prayer request from Elyse Fitzpatrick. “She and her family are smack in the middle of the Santa Ana fire zone. Lives and homes are at stake.”

More About the Fires
Mark Lauterbach is near the evacuation area and is posting updates.

Free Music that Saves Lives
Matthew Smith is offering a track from his latest album and will donate to Blood:Water Mission to provide clean water to 1 person in Africa for 1 week to anyone who downloads it.

Elephants Electrocuted in Drunken Rampage
It’s amazing what you come across on the internet–such important news that, without the net, we all would have missed.