A La Carte (10/24)

Tuesday October 24, 2006

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Islam: FoxNews has a spooky article dealing with a huge increase of crimes committed against police officers and firemen in France. There is “increasingly violent conflict between police and gangs in tough, largely immigrant French neighborhoods that were the scene of a three-week paroxysm of rioting last year.”

Music: “Christianity Today” reports that Derek Webb’s album “Mockingbird,” which is now available for free download, has been downloaded over 50,000 times since September 1. The promotion has, ironically, increased sales of the CD as well.

Film: Carolyn McCulley has an excellent (and hilarious) review of “One Night With the King.” “When [Xerxes] extends the golden scepter, predictably, she faints. And Fabio, er, I mean King Xerxes, rushes off his throne to cradle her head and strike a pose for the cover of their next romance novel. By this point, everyone was guffawing in the theater. All ten of us.”

Art: “Christianity Today” also has an interesting article about that portrait of Jesus that hangs in far too many homes and churches.