A La Carte (10/5)

If Thai food loved me as much as I loved it, the world would be a better place. Sadly, however, we have too much of a love-hate relationship.

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World’s Strangest Vending Machines – There is no real value in reading this article from Yahoo travel. It’s just kind of interesting in a weird way.

Plant! – Plant! is a church planting conference hosted by Sovereign Grace Ministries that will be taking place in March of next year. “Plant! is about vision and action and ideas outside the box. Sovereign Grace Ministries is gathering church planting thinkers and doers from Acts 29, PCA, IX Marks, and the Southern Baptist Convention for conversation across the lines. It’s a conference, yes, but it’s so much more. Whatever your background, if you’re a church planter or ever hope to throw yourself into the mission of the gospel through church planting, you’ll love what you encounter at Plant!.”

Confessions of an Unrepentant Addict – I kind of enjoyed reading these confessions of an unrepentant addict to books. “The love of books is with me a perfect mania. When I see anything particularly advertised, I immediately conceive a wish to have it–I persuade myself that really I ought to have it– and between the desire to have it and the reluctance to pay for it I am on the fidgets day and night…”

A Saturday in Paradise – My sister visited a bizarre little place in Somerville, Georgia and took some amusing photos. “This weekend my ideal paradise and paradise in Summerville, Georgia turned out to be a little different… You heard me right! We spent Saturday (After purchasing new tires at the most “interesting” establishment) walking Paradise Gardens.”

More Single Adults – “Marriage rates among young adults have been dropping for decades. But data released Tuesday by the Census Bureau show that for the first time the proportion of people between the ages of 25 and 34 who have never been married exceeded those who were married in 2009—46.3% versus 44.9%, according to an analysis by Mark Mather, a demographer at the Population Reference Bureau, a non-profit research organization in Washington.”

The Holiness of God – If you want to buy Sproul’s The Holiness of God by the box, you won’t do better than this ministry which offers it for only a couple of dollars per book.

He Likes His Kindle – He likes reading a little bit too much, methinks.

I will stay in prison till the moss grows on my eyebrows rather than make a slaughterhouse of my principles. –John Bunyan