A La Carte (10/8)

7 Reasons I Love Youth Ministry
Austin Duncan (of Grace Community Church) offers seven reasons that he loves youth ministry.

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By Thy Mercy
Indelible Grace Music has a new CD out. It is called By Thy Mercy and, like all of the Indelible Grace albums, features a selection of hymns set to new melodies. (If you want the physical CD, you can get it here. It includes two bonus tracks). (HT:Z)

Save the Children
Christopher Hitchens pens a good article about the Roman Polanski scandal. “The word tragedy has also been employed recently in the same sentence as the name Roman Polanski. In his case, it seems to me fractionally more justified. Polanski directed various tragedies on-screen and was also the victim of some hellish misfortunes in his own life. The media now say tragedy when they mean that bad things have happened to good or–even worse–famous people.”

One Man’s Faithful Service
Randy Alcorn posts a great testimony of one man’s faithfulness. (Question: I’ve heard this one before and have wondered if its perhaps apocryphal. I don’t have any good reason to doubt its authenticity, I suppose, but sometimes I do wonder about stories like this one. Does anyone know if its been verified?).

Engaging Culture with Michael Flaherty
Last spring Micheal Flaherty, President of Walden Media, visited Asbury College as part of its Engaging Culture weekend. Devin Brown interviewed him about his mission, his involvement in the Narnia films, etc.