A La Carte (11/10)

Friday November 10, 2006

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Humor: I’m having a bit of trouble picturing this but I assume Thabiti isn’t just making it up. Then again, maybe he’s been outside too much in that hot Grand Cayman sun…

Church: Rocky Mountain News reports on New Life Church’s guidelines on how parents should explain the “Pastor Ted” situation to their children. Unfortunately, they have made the word “sin” optional in describing his actions.

Books: Founders is offering a great deal on James P. Boyce’s “Abstract of Systematic Theology.” “It retails for $29.95. Until November 30, 2006 it is available for only $12.50 (prepaid) plus $3.50 for postage and handling.”

Sports: MLB has opened voting for the year’s best plays. Never mind voting – the plays are amazing to watch, especially if you’re one of those people who thinks baseball players don’t need to be athletic.